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My Song Tervuren Home
My interest in Tervs started 30 years ago while attending a dog match in Ithaca, NY. I saw the most breathtaking dog walking at the match, it was a Belgian Tervurven. It wasn’t until 20 years later, me being dogless and seeking the right dog that I found Dana MacKonis of Cachet Noir Belgians, a small Belgian kennel in New Hampshire. She had been in the breed for many years showing in all aspects of competition and promoting good health and temperament for all her breedings, (see The Complete Belgian Tervuren written by The American Belgian Tervuren Club; Cachet Noir Kennels).  

   Dana was importing a puppy from Finland and as she stated “since her bathroom could not fit another dog”, (they follow you everywhere!) she was looking for someone to co-own the puppy with her. Fortunately that was me!

                                         Regina Callear “My Song Tervuren”